Thursday, March 31, 2005

Posh people's conversations

Overheard last night on the tube, from two guys in three-piece pinstriped suits (with accent handkerchieves), talking extremely loudly:
posh man A: "I'm meeting with xxx tomorrow, and the thing that I am thinking is....a really good tie."

posh man B: "Ooh yes, a good stripe, perhaps"

A: "Yah, but I have no idea where we used to get them, but mine's a bit mingey"

B: "Wuf,wuf,wuuuuf."

A: "Yah, wuf wuuuf, I would love to wear a paisley, but I don't think I could carry it off"

B: "Aah, no."

A: "So, will you have a Newfoundland in New York?"

B: "Well, I would love to they are beautiful beasts, but I am thinking more on the golden retriever line now"

A: "Hmmm."
I have been wondering ever since what sort of person you have to be to carry off a paisley tie.

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