Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The saga of the lifts

You would think that being a centre of science and technology, the Galactic Empire would be able to work some lifts. I mean, when were they invented for goodness sake. They endlessly break down. For two days now the lift to the 7th floor has been running without lights, which is bad enough, but since it has a strange habit of accelerating exponentially to the 5th floor and then juddering this is quite disturbing. The other lift sounds like it has a couple of pteradactyls nesting above it (although I notice that since the PM's visit last week the sign that had been defaced with "no pooh burgers" has been replaced).

Anyway we had to catch the other dodgy lift today and filled it to the brim as usual, but some people from the 5th floor got in too. When we stopped at the 5th floor several of the group dutifully got out to let the 5th floor-ers out, but we couldn't stop the doors closing, so several of the 7th floor boys got stuck on the 5th floor and the 5th floor lot ended up on the 7th floor. That is not funny at all, but how I laughed at the time.

What is a pooh burger?

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