Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook Pay-it-forward

I have completed my first pay-it-forward gift. This was a meme back at the beginning of the year where you promised to make something and send it to the first five people that commented on your status. Well I only got two comments which must mean that either no-one reads my statuses or most people aren’t too impressed with BeanPi! Oh well...
I took the opportunity to try something new (of course) and so started here:

Went to here:

And came up with this:

I’ve heard these needles described as size “OMG”. They’re pretty big and the eagle eyed among you will note that they are not even a matched pair. C’est la vie, we work with what we have.

I used a veil stitch and I think the result is not too shabby.

Happy pay-it-forward, Jess.


The girls made these lovely bee rings at Wisley. Very simple, just a yellow pompom, three pipe cleaners and a couple of googly eyes.