Friday, March 18, 2005

Black Holes

Yesterday's Metro claimed that this picture is a photograph of a black hole in the MCG 6-30-15 galaxy. This strikes me as highly unlikely but it was in the Metro, and must therefore be true.

"photograph" of black hole

Actually the Metro is a huge source of amusement for me early in the mornings. I will endevour to bring you more TRUE NEWS from around the globe if anything catches my eye.


*extraattention said...

what!. First of all you wouldn see a black hole becuase it sucks out all the light, so its just a black nothing, there would just be a white line around it called the Event Horizon. Man I'm a geek!

AtomicYoghurt said...

too right *extraattention, you have spotted the foolishness of the Metro, something most of the travellers on the tube of a morning can only dream of.