Monday, June 20, 2005

JobSeekers Allowance

What a joke! Tried to sign on today at long last to get some dole and it turns out I am not eligible for it! Apparently being married is only an advantage if you are both out of work. D's income counts for me too, and I can't claim on my own. Turns out that the only claim I can make is based on NI contributions I have made in the last two tax years. Well obviously I haven't made any as I have been a full time student! So on the one hand we can't get a mortgage or insurance because our income is not a wage but a grant, and on the other had we can't get the dole because D's income is too high.

Tony B-Liar should try being a scientist one of these days instead of going on about how we need more of them. We can't afford to stick around and get a job in science when it takes more than a year on average. No wonder everyone is becoming plumbers!

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Paradox of the Unexpected Egg

I have just got back of holiday (hence the recent silence) in the New Forest, one of my favourite UK areas. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Also, I love camping, so this was one of the perfect hols for me! The weather was pretty good, slightly cold at night for my liking, but at least we didn't get that horrid hot-tent-in-the-morning feeling.
A great laugh was had by us both, thanks for asking. We cycled, walked, read, and generally chilled out in a big style. Unfortunately now it is back to the grindstone for D and I've got to get down to getting a job....

As for the paradox of the title, it is a mathematical paradox that is not nearly as interesting as the great name suggests.

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I have been considering starting this campaign for some time now, and canvassing people's opinion has revealed that others feel like I do, that Bono represents a significant problem in this world. I know I have ranted about him before, but I wanted to make a TShirt/wristband statement on the lines of the worthy MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign.

So you can imagine that I was filled at once with joy and disappointment to find someone got there first! Check out the MAKEBONOHISTORY TShirts you can get from teefly. Let us rise up, comrades!

In the mean time, perhaps Bono will soon implode under the weight of his own ego.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Fuel Bar, Covent Garden, London

DO NOT GO THERE! Here is the first review of a venue I will give on this blog, but I hope it will not be the last, or the flavour of things to come. However I feel I really must say something about just how bad this venue is. The Fuel Bar looks great on the internet, and on the phone the staff are friendly and helpful. However, I booked a room for 30 over the phone for my viva celebration party, and the staff indicated this was fine and they had just the room. A couple of days before we went the staff admitted over the phone that it was an "area" rather than a room, and that there was only seating for 18. This seemed fine, as I thought most people would be happy to stand, and the staff said there would be a DJ and dance floor after 9, for which we would not have to pay as long as we got in before that time.

On arrival we were greeted with a small alcove containing two tables and 8 chairs. There was standing area for approximately 2 people if they were happy to hug. When we complained the staff were dismissive and said we could spread out into the rest of the bar (which was full of people eating the average food). Although the drinks prices were average for this type of venue, we hit a problem at 9 when the DJ came on. He refused to play anything other than house music, and said the music would be more to our taste upstairs, however only half of our group made it upstairs before the bouncers started trying to charge us. Then the people upstairs were not allowed to come back down without paying. So we were stuck with half the group upstairs, and half down, and some people had coats and bags downstairs, while they were upstairs. The bouncers were all fools (no surprises there), and they proceeded to throw out 3 members of the party.

I've never had a great opinion of Covent Garden, or the bars there, but I had hoped the Fuel Bar would prove me wrong. It didn't. Do not go there.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dr Me

Well it is all over I have finished the old PhD at last. What a palaver. Can't say I would ever recommend that experience to anyone, but I guess in a few years I will forget the pain and remember only the good times. At the moment it seems all a bit of pain for nothing as I still have no job, but I have some hopes on the horizon, and at least Burns' greasy claws can't get into me any more. I've got loads of corrections to do to actually finish the old thesis, and my examiners were terrible and had nothing positive to say at all about my work, so I don't actually feel too good about the whole thing at the mo, but you can't let yourself me defined by other people's opinions as my good mother says. So hoorah hoorah it is finished. I am waiting for the jubilant feeling to come upon me...

At the moment I am just knacked mcknacked as we went straight to the pub at lunch on Friday, then stayed out till the early hours. Straight up in the morning to Kew to see the family for lunch and the view the Chihuly exhibition, then out to C's for the birthday celebrations (exceedingly good BBQ chicken), then looking after the kids this morning, and a load of friends over for celebratory roast today!

Must start the corrections tomorrow....

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oyster Card

Today I wanted to see if the famed price capping on the old oyster had worked and tried to login to the internet site only to discover it has been so long that I have forgotten my username and password. Now normally this is not a problem (it happens to me relatively regularly), you know you just put in your email address and they send it.
Unfortunately things are not that simple with oyster (surprise surprise). I am in a queue on the phone right now trying to find out what on earth my details are. They are playing Pacabel's canon. Very retro. Goodness only knows what security questions I will be unable to answer when I finally do get through...