Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stuck in the Closet

Two things: Firstly you must check out the R Kelly (my mind's telling me no....) videos to go with his soap opera album. They are available on youtube. It's 13 or so tracks though, so be warned it is a bit of a time investment. It is worth it though....

Secondly, check out the southpark take on it also available on youtube.


How great is it in the country! I know I am still in the M25, and only moved this far out as I wanted to stay near the city, but today D and I went blackberrying on the common. Hoorah! A happy couple of hours picking and we got 5.5kg of the beauties. And we didn't even leave a dent in the number of berries there. We weren't the only ones out there, others seemed to be taking advantage of a brief break in the weather to grab them while they were hot. I'll be making a second foray into jam making tomorrow! D and I stole some redcurrants from an overgrown allotment a couple of months ago and I made some jam from them. It was really easy! I felt quite the country wife!!!!

6 months 6 months

Well it has been 6 months since I last wrote. I note from the last post that I said the first 4 months of the job had been hellish, well make that 1 year! As of last Thursday I have been at the company for a whole year....! Things are a little better that they used to be, but I'm still not happy in the job. I won't say much about it as although this is anonymous, lots of people do know who I am, and unfortunately this company has the fastest grapevine I have ever experienced. The walls have ears and they are vicious! If I was caught out that way I wouldn't be the first, put it that way.