Monday, March 21, 2005

Lemon Dog

Well I must say I have put the effort in today and yet have come out with every little. This counts as a revival break and hopefully I will be well up for it again in a minute and can get back to the hood-of-doom. I have 7 days left of chemistry now and still so much to do. If I end up staying here longer than the end of the month I really will lose my mind.

Certain people really are doing my head in. I mentioned that I was doing a blog to Homey and G has been sniffing round like a little dog to find out what my identity is. It is so obvious she keeps finding little questions to come and ask me when I am at the puter, and never when I am at the hood-of-doom. She used to do this with emails and read them over my shoulder but she seems to have got over that habit.

There is a weird smell of burned cheese around the place.

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