Friday, February 08, 2013

Softs Tea Party

Now I don't want you to think that this is the sort of thing I usually do.  I don't, because it takes ages and the kids are pretty crotchety after school.  However having rediscovered the tea set before school and been desperate to hold a softs tea party, I promised that we would do one after school.  It does have a pretty high stress rating at that time of day, but the thing that I like about this kind of activity is that the kids can totally run it.  All it really takes from me is a bit of umpiring and asking 'what shall we do?' or 'how shall we do that?' every so often. I've got 3 little organisers in my family, so they are full of good ideas.  Plus the Bug had been thinking about it all afternoon waiting for Bean to come home from school, so had already planned some of it out.

So first up, the decision over cakes or biscuits.  Either can be quick and fun to make but today the girls chose biscuits.  Recipe here.

Next up, invitations.  We used some gold and silver card, funky scissors, stickers and pens.

A list of softs to be invited was drawn up and invites written.

Then all the softs were lined up and as their names were called they were brought forward, given their invite and seated in their place.

Finally, the payoff! Tea and biscuits and lots of silly photos of softs enjoying their treat.

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