Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parent Hack - Keeping Your Car Seats Clean

I'm talking about your actual car seats, not the ones your toddlers sit in,  I have no idea how to keep those clean.  I saw a parent hack about wrapping the whole thing in clingfilm once, and I just thought 'really?  they are machine-washable you know!'.

We bought a new-ish (pristine) car a couple of years ago when baby number 3 (Moon) arrived.  It was so beautiful I didn't really want to sit in it myself, let alone have half-chewed bread sticks smooshed into it.  So what to do?

1) buy a fleece throw
2) cut holes for the head rests and seat belt buckles
3) Bob's your uncle.

Why fleece?  Well, you can get it quite cheap in throw form; you can cut holes in it and it won't fray, so no sewing required; it washes easily and dries quickly; and it is slightly water repellent, so this will even save you from an upended FruitShoot if you are reasonably quick.

Accuracy is not important.  I've been using this for a couple of years and it works wonders.

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