Saturday, February 16, 2013

Film Review - Wanted (2008)

This was D's film choice and to be honest neither of us knew anything about it except D had seen a tiny bit of it involving a sort of gun-holder with an LCD screen that let you shoot round corners and thought it might be good.

Um.  Well.  
I need to start out by saying that in my film reviews I like to give NO SPOILERS.  This means I don't discuss plot.  At all.  I think the best films are when you go and you have no idea what is about to happen.  It does make it rather hard to discuss something critically though.  So here goes...

The main character is played by James McAvoy which is fine.  You are watching it quite happily thinking 'well this is a bit rubbish, but you know, he wasn't always a star', and then next minute Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman turn up.  And you look it up and it's from 2008, which is, you know, not that long ago. And it's a really crazy mix of people.  It's got Marc Warren in it, which I always find a bit strange because he's a very weird looking man, and a good TV actor, and I'm sure everyone deserves their chance, but really Marc, stick with Hustle.

I know, I'm rambling here, but it's hard to find what to say about this film.  It's very violent, when you aren't expecting it, and it's very post-Matrix which is also strange because the Matrix was in 1999 for goodness sake!

Apparently it's based on a comic series.  Which is probably it's saving grace.  Visually there are some really beautiful scenes which must have been lifted straight of the page.  It's based loosely on a comic series.  Very loosely it turns out.  It's a funny thing to make a movie based on a comic series but completely make up the key component. That's right I'm talking about The Loom Of Fate.  Was ever a more bizarre plot device invented?  That wasn't taken from the comic?

Look at it!  This scene is beautiful and D and I even commented on how graphic it was.  But no, totally made up!  Disappointing.

All in all, unless it is your mission to watch the entire filmography of James McAvoy...I wouldn't bother.

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