Sunday, February 03, 2013

Eat This! - Snow Eggs

My friend Jodi from Little Fishes playgroup told me about these and I said I'd try it and blog.  So here we are...

A new (to me) way with eggs. I've called them snow eggs, but I don't know what the proper name is.  If you do them with duck eggs they are called fluffy ducks apparently.

So the first step is to separate the eggs and whisk the whites up to soft peaks. Now come on, don't say that's going to take forever, it takes a minute at most with an electric whisk. Then take a slice of toast (I put a bit of marmite on mine) and put a couple of spoons of the egg white on the toast.  Make a well in the middle and pour the yolk in. I accidentally popped the yolk when I was seperating it, but it didn't matter.

Then put the rest of the egg white on the top, and top with cheese.

10 mins at gas mark 4 and there you have it, crispy and fluffy and then beautiful soft yolk.


Jenny said...

That sounds lovely. I'll have to try it.

AtomicYoghurt said...

It was yummy. The kids refused to eat it though!