Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have been trying to get the garden in order. Last year I was so pregnant and also dealing with a one year old I just didn't get any weeding done, and we decided to concentrate on veg rather than flowers, so the garden looked a bit crap. This year we will be just doing flowers and fruit. We have an apple tree and a plum tree and we just planted another apple. We have loads of raspberries and strawberries and also blackcurrents and red currents. Probably we won't be able to resist a few veg, and tomatoes practically grow themselves...I usually get a bit carried away so no doubt we'll end up growing loads. BUT this year I can't stand looking out at a big patch of weeds so I have been sorting things out in the dark after the girls are asleep! D's let me do some on the weekend too 8)

But of course it is Valentine's day and I didn't want the old card to be as freaky as last year's. So I did a lovely monster bookmark for D this year (he has been using one of the celebrity top trump cards I made for him many years ago. It is the Barry Bethel one and since he is *allegedly* a child abuser and wife beater I thought he needed a change)

Of course when Anneli saw it she wanted some monsters too so I had to quickly make a family.

Happy Valentine's everyone.

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