Thursday, February 04, 2010


I've decided to resurrect my blog for two reasons...firstly because I loved it in facebook (to which I am totally addicted) at the end of the year when it did a summary of all my status updates for the year and I remembered loads of cool stuff, but also because the time is going so fast and I want to keep track of what I am up to with the girls! Especially now that the Bean is approaching the age where she can really get into arts and craftage, I'd like to record our escapades.

So the first discovery was that I have forgotten how to do html. I know you don't actually have to do it now, but I like to customise things! I've managed to add a few bits and bobs and fiddle with colours but it is a work in progress.
Anyway I am importing my blog into my facebook notes now, I mean if people can be arsed to read my status updates then they may well fancy wasting a bit more time reading a whole lot of jabber.

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