Sunday, February 07, 2010


I have long lamented the dire lack of good granary bread in Epsom. At first I actually started to believe those that said I was just too fussy when it came to bread (which is not true at all, surely a good granary is not too much to ask?). The fact of the matter is that we don't have a great baker in town, and the supermarket bread here for some reason is not great (really crumbly). There has recently been the great addition of a lovely baker stall to the market on Saturday which is nice for a treat but I just can't afford to pay 2.20 for a loaf of bread. I was talking about this recently to a group of friends and one of them said she and her husband felt exactly the same way and had discovered Hovis bread mixes.

It sounds ridiculous, but for 70p-ish you can get a bread mix where you just add water (and a bit of butter if you fancy it) and leave it to rise and pop it in the over for 30 mins and Bob's your uncle! The great thing is it makes lovely light bread just like the baker's rather than the usual slightly more dense home-baked stuff.

So now we have a twice weekly baking session to make bread! The only problem is making sure the Bean doesn't eat it all before it is cooked. She has also taken to picking out the seeds from the flour and eating them!

This week we had an extra treat of home-grown raspberries from the freezer.

All enjoyed by Bean and Bug alike.


Trevor Ogden said...

It is not widely known, but the characteristic for picking bits out of food mixtures is strongly influenced by a 1-step recessive gene on the X-chromosome. I remember being irritated before we were married by Bean's granny's habit of picking the sultanas out of the muesli which I carefully kept as a treat for Sunday breakfast. In those days muesli was little-known and you had to buy it at specialist outlets. But I have forgiven her now.
The granddad

AtomicYoghurt said...

I'm not so sure it is 1-step recessive!!!