Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Not quite a Masterchef

I've been reading Michel Roux Jr's sort-of-autobiography "A Life in the Kitchen" just out of interest as my Mum found it in the local library and I have got love for that man. Of course it leaves me feeling all inspired to do nice cooking (but not in a I'm-going-to-actually-go-and-buy-special-ingredients sort of a way, more of an it-is-interesting-he-puts-a-spoon-full-of-yoghurt-in-a-chicken-when-he-roasts-it sort of a way).

Today I made a couple of lasagnes (what is the plural of lasagne?) and when I was making the sauce I accidentally dropped half a nutmeg in whilst grating it. I forgot about it because I thought I would just fish it out when I was making up the lasagne and I was going to make a fun game out of it with Anneli when she got back from swimming. Of course when she got back she didn't want to make lasagne so I just did it quick and ladled everything in.

D got the nutmeg. Rather an unpleasant mouthful apparently.

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Trevor Ogden said...

Our window cleaner says that lasagne is a plural already, and the singular is lasagna, which means one of the pasta sheets, but lasagna is not used on its own.