Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stamping and rocking

Tuesday mornings we usually have to do a bit of time-filling round her because Grandma comes up and after that the day is a lot more exciting. I have discovered a lovely little playgroup round the corner that only has about 10 kids in it, but that kind of clashing with Grandma's arrival time and 10am is late in the day around here. We've recently banned the TV (it's asleep) until 4pm, so now we have to think of exciting things to do!
This morning I made some stamps out of carrot. The Bean is quite obsessed with stars and moons, so that is what we went for. It's difficult to carve a star, you know! She didn't seem too fussy though. I remember my Mum making stamps for me out of potato and it being the best thing ever. However I'd much rather waste a carrot than a potato!

I mixed up some really cheap glitter glue that I got from the pound shop (6 tubes for 50p) with some water and food colouring and she had a great time painting and stamping, she even asked for more when it had run out. Usually this kind of activity only lasts 10-15 minutes and we got a good 20 mins today so that must be counted as a success!

On a more personal note I have resisted this treat for long enough! When we were in Christchurch we tried this amazing rock from Sweet at the Arts Centre and managed to avoid buying it for 3 weeks (I don't know why this impresses me, we ate 12 afghans every single night between the three of us so it is not like we were abstaining). Anyway my wonderful sister bought a pack for us so I have started it at last! Not only is the colour wonderful, but the little screwed up faces make me smile. AND it actually tasted like sour apples. Yum!

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