Sunday, April 25, 2010

More crayon antics

I have been experimenting with crayons again. I wanted to try and make some in a more interesting shape and a first birthday present seemed like a good excuse. I had an ice cube mould that looked suitable, but I didn't know a) the melting temp of crayon b) the melting temp of ice cube tray and c) was the difference between a) and b) large enough to allow oven-based crayon meltage.

It turned out that the answer to c) was no and odd smells alerted me to immanent (no doubt) toxic breakdown of ice-cube tray.

So I built a kind of double boiler and tried same in the microwave.

This was loads more successful and produced some rather lovely star crayons that I was pretty proud of actually.

A couple of them exploded because I popped them into the freezer to cool down and they had accidentally got a drop or two of water in them during the process. But hey, what's a little collateral damage?

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