Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have met several people in the past that love cupcakes and I have never really totally understood them. I mean the issue is that the actual cake is never that good. However Mum bought me some of those silicone cupcake cases so I thought Bean and I would have a go at baking some.

Now I may be addicted to the process. Firstly, they are super fast to make (I just used a standard Victoria sponge recipe, 4oz of everything makes 8 cakes). Secondly, icing them is so much fun! Bean has been running around saying "little cakies" for a couple of days now so she is as into it as I am.

I'm still not totally in to the sponge recipe. It does rise very nicely so gives you a great cake to get a peak of icing on, but it is a bit DULL. So watch this space while I try to find a nice cake recipe that gives more satisfaction.

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