Sunday, May 02, 2010

The next big thing

It took 2 1/4 years, but we have at last taught Anneli to put herself to sleep alone without ever leaving her to cry. Wow this is a big deal! For me the most amusing thing is that we spent a good deal of time when she was about a year trying to get her to attach to a little toy we called the moog (we even had 3 just in case) to make separation easier. Of course she attached to nothing and wasn't bothered which if any teddy she had with her.
Now, however she has attached to two bracelets (which she wears one on each upper arm), and a Wibbly Pig book (which she tucks under one arm). Once these are all in place she is happy to bed down. Oh dear what have we created....

Now the big new thing is behaviour. To be honest she is pretty good and obedient etc etc but there is always more that parents are asking of a toddler! So we are going to attempt sticker charting! Super nanny reckons you can't do this until 3 years, but we will see.

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