Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sugarless cake

An unfortunate aversion to sugar in one member of our family has led to the necessary discovery of a sugarless birthday cake. So we decided a carrot cake would be a good thing to try and that Splenda would be the sugar substitute of choice. Have you ever seen this stuff, it is really strange! Tastes lovely and sweet (slight aftertaste noticed by me but not by D) but weighs next to nothing. It's bulked out by a filling agent to make it spoon for spoon as sweet as sugar, but in its raw form it is apparently 600 times sweeter (how do they measure that?).

Anyway the first attempt produced a slightly sticky cake that we polished off in a couple of days so can't have been that bad! It seemed to take a lot longer that a normal cake to cook...but maybe that was because I added milk to try and get the consistency right.

In any case the second attempt was a bit more like bread pudding in texture and tasted good enough to scoff too.

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