Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RIP beany chairs

I feel like the old blog has been a bit of a hurried hit and miss recently mainly due to birthdays and Easter etc. etc. but also the terrible death of the beany chair. After much research and deliberation I have decided that I will not be able to afford the capital outlay that is required to start up a furniture business. The fact is that the legislation for fire safety in furniture is very strict (rightly so, I mean who wants to set fire to a baby?) and requires too much for me to cope with as my business was on such a small scale.
But this will not be the end of BeanPi! I'm already trying to get the business up and running to sell my other stuff and hopefully that will be sorted too. So I spose I should say watch this space...but I won't as you might get very tired eyes before it all gets sorted. Got to wait for my contract with my old employer to expire before I can register as self employed in any case.

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