Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best cupcakes ever?

As I mentioned previously I decided to do cupcakes for Juno's birthday this year. I have become a little tiny bit obsessed with them, and the fact that our local poundland has silicone cupcake cases 6 for a pound really sealed the deal. I went for 3 varieties: vanilla chocolate chip with white chocolate icing, double chocolate, and carrot and honey with lemon icing.

Boy oh boy were the carrot ones good. Thanks for the recipe Sally! I used a syringe to inject honey after they were cooked and they turned beautifully. I may have been slightly heavy-handed with the food colouring, though.

I do have to admit it is the first time I have made a cake and had no urge to eat the uncooked batter though. In this case it looked almost exactly like vomit. Next time I might add raisins to them, and maybe try with my traditional icing for carrot cake (maple syrup butter icing, yum!)

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