Saturday, May 15, 2010

Perfect tablet at last!

Yay I've done it! I decided to make another attempt at the tablet. This time I decided to add vanilla, so I made some vanilla sugar (by putting a vanilla pod in a bag of sugar and leaving it for a month). I knuckled down and gave in with my holistic approach, returned to my scientific training, and used a thermometer. I took it to the "firm ball" stage and let it boil till the colour was right and then whipped until I felt the crystallisation begin.

I still had the same bubbling problem when I poured it out into the tray though. I'm not sure what this is caused by. Is it just that the buttered tray provides nucleation points? Should I let the mixture cool a little before whipping? Should I heat the tray before I pour the tablet into it? Either way, once I poured it out I noticed crystals forming on the spoon and in the pan, so I knew I had timed it perfectly this time.

Once the tray had cooled overnight it was plain to see that this batch was the perfect combination of shatter and crumble.

And it melted in the mouth wonderfully. I guess a testament to this is the speed with which it disappeared!

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