Friday, March 05, 2010

Making a colouring book from photos

This is an excellent thing we did when we had a long haul flight to cope with at the end of last year. You can really easily create a colouring book from your photos by using photo software. I use a Mac so probably the software I use is not really applicable to most people, but the effect you are looking for will be called something like "photocopy effect". I'm pretty sure Photoshop has something like this. It's as easy as applying the photocopy effect and then messing around with the contrast and blackness levels. It can give a great effect and you just need to play around with what sort of photos work well. We used photos of family as that gives the extra fun of giving Mum blue hair or Dad green skin.

We made 30 or so, printed them out and got the local print shop to put a comb bind on them. Wonderful fun that has lasted long beyond the flights!

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