Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holly's apron

My friend wanted an apron for her daughter, and although I haven't done it before I have made an adults apron for myself a few years ago, so I thought, why not?
So step 1: make a pattern. This is basically a guess based on Anneli's apron and Holly's neck to knee measurement. I make my patterns from newspaper and this is where you wish the Guardian was still a proper broadsheet.

step 2: stencilling! Haven't done this before but read about it on the interweb. I bought some freezer paper (apparently this is available everywhere in the US, but I couldn't find in in our supermarkets so I resorted to ebay. It is basically greaseproof paper that is waxed on one side).

Draw the stencil (in this case trace from a Word printout)

Cut it out and iron it to the material (wax side down!). This fab material was from a couple of huge pillowcases I got from a charity shop. Holly has red hair so I thought it would look good on her.

Use fabric paint and a sponge to paint it on (put a bit of cardboard or something underneath to stop it bleeding through)

Peel of the paper. Looks pretty good, eh?!

The pillowcases were very thin cotton so I decided to line the apron body with something heavier. I used a bit of our old curtains and then cut some lime green lining on the bias to make a binding. There is no reason for this other than it looks nice with the blue.

Sew it all up like a sandwich and there you go! Hope it fits!

I quite enjoyed the stencilling I can feel some heavy clothing customisation coming on.

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