Friday, July 01, 2005

Reader, my life is uninteresting

Being unemployed is rubbish. I don't even read the paper these days so have very little to muse on. Today I bring you this: wierd lady bounces off cats

One thing that I have managed to do is get some reading done. I'm reading "The Bourne Identity" which is fantastic. It's long enough now that I don't remember the film that well, so actually the book is still holding a lot of suspense. I will definately read the sequels after this. Well as soon as I can find them in a charity shop I will!! Talking of which, this book was actually a bargain for once. I have noticed a worrying trend in charity shop for over-pricing second hand books. Personally I feel that these books should cost less than a quid, so I tend to be picky! Most charity shops seem to be selling them for 2 or 3 quid these days. Now that I have said that I am having a moral dillema about being tight where charity is concerned...

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