Monday, June 20, 2005

JobSeekers Allowance

What a joke! Tried to sign on today at long last to get some dole and it turns out I am not eligible for it! Apparently being married is only an advantage if you are both out of work. D's income counts for me too, and I can't claim on my own. Turns out that the only claim I can make is based on NI contributions I have made in the last two tax years. Well obviously I haven't made any as I have been a full time student! So on the one hand we can't get a mortgage or insurance because our income is not a wage but a grant, and on the other had we can't get the dole because D's income is too high.

Tony B-Liar should try being a scientist one of these days instead of going on about how we need more of them. We can't afford to stick around and get a job in science when it takes more than a year on average. No wonder everyone is becoming plumbers!

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