Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Hit by Terrorists

Well the expected has finally happened, London has been hit in what reports suggest is up to 7 bomb blasts, although at this stage only 4 are confirmed. They were centered on the tube, with up to 3 on buses. I think the bus hits are the most shocking, as that is pretty unexpected, particularly since it looks like they hit the tube and then waiting for people to get on the bus and then hit the bus.

Pictures of the bus:

All respect to the emergency services who seem to have responded in excellent time, and dealt with the incidents very effectively. Also the good old London public have kept panic to a minimum. There was no warning, so it doesn't look like old style Irish terrorism, people have speculated that it is Al Qaeda, but that's not surprising really is it.

I was at home of course being an unemployed bum, but D works right where the bus blast was, so he is stuck in work right now, like millions of other people. There is no transport in the centre, so it looks like a lot of people will be walking home!

Obviously thoughts are with those that are injured or the families of those that have died.

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