Friday, July 15, 2005

Hoax Emails

WOW I have received my first hoax email with regard to the bombings in London. That took a long time! I honestly thought I'd be getting stacks of them by now! Apparently there is going to be an attack on the tube in the next week. Yeah right, whatever. D got an email today saying there would be an attack at Bluewater this weekend.

Who starts this rubbish?? Come on people. The whole point of terrorists is that they can attack ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. There is no point in being scared. Also, it is very difficult to protect yourself against terrorists as the whole idea is that they get you where you don't expect it. If we set up security on the tube they will just go elsewhere.

Let's just all go about out lives shall we? England has been a terrorist target since before I was born, so we all have lived with this for years. How many bomb scares have we all been stuck in over the years. Did we get all scared about it? No we did not.

Rather amusingly, one thing this old bombing lark has done is show how little people outside London know about it. People contacted me dispite knowing I was at home asking if I was OK, which is very nice but they obviously thought central London is a very small place. One of my friends lives just outside Croydon and was phoned up by people asking if she was safe as she "lives in London" dispite the fact that she is 40 miles away!!! London is a big place, and the part that is affected is tiny. Even the public transport system is mostly fine. I was going to travel right across London and up to Oxford today, and there is absolutely no disruption on that route.

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