Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dr Me

Well it is all over I have finished the old PhD at last. What a palaver. Can't say I would ever recommend that experience to anyone, but I guess in a few years I will forget the pain and remember only the good times. At the moment it seems all a bit of pain for nothing as I still have no job, but I have some hopes on the horizon, and at least Burns' greasy claws can't get into me any more. I've got loads of corrections to do to actually finish the old thesis, and my examiners were terrible and had nothing positive to say at all about my work, so I don't actually feel too good about the whole thing at the mo, but you can't let yourself me defined by other people's opinions as my good mother says. So hoorah hoorah it is finished. I am waiting for the jubilant feeling to come upon me...

At the moment I am just knacked mcknacked as we went straight to the pub at lunch on Friday, then stayed out till the early hours. Straight up in the morning to Kew to see the family for lunch and the view the Chihuly exhibition, then out to C's for the birthday celebrations (exceedingly good BBQ chicken), then looking after the kids this morning, and a load of friends over for celebratory roast today!

Must start the corrections tomorrow....

mood is: tiredyawn tired

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