Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Paradox of the Unexpected Egg

I have just got back of holiday (hence the recent silence) in the New Forest, one of my favourite UK areas. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Also, I love camping, so this was one of the perfect hols for me! The weather was pretty good, slightly cold at night for my liking, but at least we didn't get that horrid hot-tent-in-the-morning feeling.
A great laugh was had by us both, thanks for asking. We cycled, walked, read, and generally chilled out in a big style. Unfortunately now it is back to the grindstone for D and I've got to get down to getting a job....

As for the paradox of the title, it is a mathematical paradox that is not nearly as interesting as the great name suggests.

Current mood is: sleepy knacked mcknoo

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