Friday, May 20, 2005

Mood of the Day

So I have been a bit jealous of the mood icons you can get over at livejournal and have been looking for some to put on this blog...
At last I have got some!

Hopefully no-one will be offended by my blatant plundering of the net for items for the old blog, but there you go if you are let me know and we can fight it out.

Talking of which, I am finally winning my fight against and their mis-advertising. I don't think I have actually mentioned the trouble they have caused me, but it was all over a trip to Alton Towers (what a great place by the way) and some non-existant meal vouchers. Anyway this morning I got an email asking me how much refund I would like. That has taken over a month of emails from me so we shall see what happens. I also implemented slight abuse of the title Dr. in my emails, but I will be one in a couple of weeks, and since it hasn't done me any good in getting a job, it might as well be put to use elsewhere. Roll on the flight upgrades!

The Joy of Alton Towers

current mood is:energeticJubilant.

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