Saturday, May 21, 2005


Markets are brill. I went today having convinced myself that it would be much cheaper than Tescos and guess what? It was. Of course I had to buy two of everything to get the deals, but everything was soooo much cheaper and nicer looking. I shall be frequenting it again (and not the tourist trap that is Borough market either, but the wonderful East St. market, more commonly known as "down the lane").

I sold my sunglasses to someone on the bus several weeks ago (he was a bit strange, but he really wanted them and I made a major profit, let's hope he is not performing voodoo ceremonies with them). Although this meant I had a whole week of money in my pocket, it now means my poor eyes are exposed to the sun. I am determined not to pay more than 3 quid for a new pair, but finding one is proving more and more difficult. I will triumph though...

Current mood is: content content.

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