Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photo-a-Day: Week 1

365:1 Puppets at Norwich Puppet Theatre. 
No-one will ever convince me that these things are not sinister.

 365:2 An asthma medication formulated for smoking in a pipe. 
Bridewell Museum, Norwich

 365:3 Beautiful fungi. Mousehold Heath, Norwich

 365:4 Bunnies watching TV. 
One of those days where all you want to do is snuggle down and watch a movie. These two girls like to join us if it's a good watch. (If not they go and sit by the conservatory door hopefully.

 365:5 Frost

365:6 Reflection

365:7 Composting Prunings
An unexpected bonus of having a couple of rabbits. This year they've been overloaded a little by the vast quantity of wood they've been expected to chew through as I struggle to sort out the overgrown garden. This forsythia has been a big hit.

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