Sunday, January 11, 2015

Frosty Mornings

I'm not really a Winter person. I don't like the dark mornings and evenings and I hate being cold. You know you see those adverts for ice hotels in Norway and trips to Lapland? Absolutely not interested at all. When you've got kids the Winter holds a new level of pain. Coats and hats and gloves and scarves and boots and waterproof trousers make getting out of the house even more of a trial. And then when you go anywhere like a museum or a restaurant you have so much STUFF to find a place for. When I had my lovely huge double mountain buggy it was amazing for this sort of thing. You could fill it up with all the winter guff and just dump it somewhere. These days I have to carry it all. 

We've been catching up with the 2014 series of Fargo, which has made me fall in love with Martin Freeman all over again, but I cannot imagine why anyone lives in such an environment as Minnesota. How fab is Freeman though? If you haven't seen the Saturday Night Live Office/Hobbit sketch it's a wonderful reminder of how great he is. He seems to be typecast as a bit of a bumbling loser, but when you look back at this you can see how he is so subtly different.

Even I can see that there are some good bits in winter. I love a frosty morning, that dry cold with crisp air and bright skies (while they last). Curling up under a blanket to watch a movie. And ice crystals? Yes please! The Bug and Bean have recently discovered the joy of collecting ice from around the garden on a cold day. I remember doing this as a child, especially at school where perfect ice slippers could be gathered from the concrete bike stands in the bike sheds.

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