Friday, January 14, 2011

School bag upgrade

The Bean started preschool in September and I had been unable to resist buying her a special school bag from Poundland (I know, I really spoil my kids) as it was the exact same colour as her uniform. Also I rather fancied it myself. I thought she would be happy with a nice messenger bag but when it came to the big day she wanted a rucksack, so a super-fast bit of sewing later and I customised it to a little rucksack. The key with rucksacks for tinies is the chest strap. I had one of those little clips in the sewing box anyway so it was easy to add one in...and luckily there was plenty of strap on the bag to make a loop to hang on her peg.

Really I should take a photo of her and the bag, but hey, she's in bed.

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