Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinosaurs and mushrooms

More t-shirts! The Bean had been asking for a dinosaur t-shirt for a while and I tried to convince her that a nice brontosaurus was the way to go, but she wanted a "scary dinosaur that says rrraaaahhhh" so I had to oblige. I made both, but the brontosaurus (which apparently is meant to be called an apatosaurus, who knew?) was immediately given to Bug, who happily seemed very pleased with it. The Bean is delighted with her scary T-Rex.
The most complicated stencil I have done so far was a t-shirt for D for Christmas. It was a multi-layer job so took a bit of time. It's also my first time using white, and rather disappointingly it has already started to crack after just a few washes, something I have not experienced with any of the other colours. I had to use rather a lot on the dark purple though, so it's my fault. I should have paid more for an ink made especially for dark colours. We live and learn! It's very noticeable that the white has a rather plasticy feel on the t-shirt where as you can easily see from the dinosaurs above, the other colours are more like true dyes. So I think in the future the white will be limited to lighter backgrounds. I'm still pretty pleased with the result though!

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