Sunday, September 11, 2005

R.I.P. Guardian Life section

Tragedy has struck the Guardian once again and they are reformatting and getting rid of the Life section (a science supplement in collaberation with Nature that comes out on Thursdays). Of course it was a bit rubbish in the main, and all the jobs were actually in IT (which is not a science I would hasten to add), but the first couple of pages were an excellent read, excellent enough for me to actually buy it! They do say that they will do a page a day to replace it, but I am still too tight to buy it every day.

Sadly it has gone the way of the Editor, the old Friday supplement that was even better and gave a weeks update of the news from all the papers. That died a death about 3 years ago and was mourned greatly by myself. It was good enough for us to get someone back home to buy it every Friday and send it to us when D and I were travelling. Way better than the Guardian Weekly was. They said they would do a page a day to replace that one too, but that didn't last so I imagine that the promises for the science page will not be fulfilled for long.

Also it is rumoured (as in the editor said it, and then denied doing so) that they are taking a step to the right. Oh deary deary me. What will I read now?!?!

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