Sunday, September 11, 2005

Harry Potter blah blah blah

At last I have read the new Harry Potter. Brill. Actually I read the back and saw he was meant to be in his 6th year at school and thought "hang on he is about 11 isn't he?" so I had to read all the others before I could read this one to remember what happened. Actually, by read I mean listen to Stephen Fry reading them to me. I wish I could hire Stephen Fry to read to me all the time, he is amazing! Really one of the best audio books I have ever heard, he does all these voices and accents for all the characters so they are instantly recognisable when they speak, and when there is an arguement between to characters with different accents it is amazing. So when I read this one, all the characters had those accents it was wonderful. Highly recommended to anyone.

I won't say anything about the book to spoil it, just that I am soooo pleased XX turned out to be eviiiil!!!!!!!

On another note, whenever I think of Harry Potter I hear that voice saying "Hairy Poe-tar" from that terrible advert a couple of years ago with the American voiceover putting on an English accent. Why do they do it?

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