Monday, January 28, 2013

Homeland series 2 - TV

Ah series two, I didn't really think they could string out this story any more, but they kind of pulled it out of the hat. Of course Brody still has a face like a parrot fish, but there is a notable moment in episode 10 where Carrie forgets to do the crazy 'I've got schizophrenia' eyes.  She looks quite normal.

Now to Quinn.  Well it took me a while to work out who he was, and it was only after a couple of episodes of me telling D "he looks very English, I'm sure he's not American with a face like that" that he wiki'd at and confirmed it's some bloke that used to go out with Keira Knightly.  Maybe he only likes to associate with fish-mouthed people. Anyhow, he was an excellent addition.  Was he a double agent?  Was he black ops working for Esterhase (Estase? Esthers?)  Who on earth is Tarka Dal? Why would they want to kill Brody anyway? Lovely.

Honourable mentions to Dana's angsty face and Carrie's crying face. Ooh and the bit where Roya behaved like a woman with conviction instead of a Carrie-esque crazy look weakling.

I'd almost given up on it in the final few of episodes where it got a bit dull. But then they blew the whole lot up. Excellent. The broadcasting of Brody's terrorist video was not far short of genius. Oh wow I was praying that Saul (Sol?  I need subtitles for the names!) would just give a little smile to show it was his doing...but they are keeping us guessing. So we end series 2 with the same question about where Saul's allegiances lie, and safe in the knowledge that his fabulous grooming will be centre stage for the next series.

I'm surprisingly looking forward to it!

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