Friday, December 17, 2010

Summer memories

OK I know summer is long long gone, but events have got away with themselves and I haven't blogged for so long! Just thought I might get back and catch up and of course looking at the photos makes you long for those lovely warm times! So I just thought I'd kick off with a picture or two of when the garden was still producing and it was warm enough to wear a sleeveless top!
Neither of my children likes tomatoes unless they are just freshly picked from the plant. I have no idea why this is, but they will eat bucket-fulls if they can pick them.

and as I am really the only person in the house that likes tomatoes, and none of us like courgettes, this is the fate of the majority of this produce. We roast it up with some onion, garlic and chilli and then wizz it up to form a nice sauce base which freezes and comes out any time we want pasta, curry, pie, whatever!

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