Wednesday, August 31, 2005

commuter commuter

blimey it has been a while.

and I have so far failed in my supermalt quest. sorry about that. If only I had a camera on my phone, I would have been able to bring you more news on the subject, but alas no.

The only reason I can give for my continued absence is the amount of time I spend travelling these days. The new job is all very well, but 4 hours is a bit much I must say. Even for the seasoned London commuter. But at least the mainline is actually air conditioned unlike the tube, God only knows how all those people survived today, with the supreme temperatures. 32 degrees they say. I do hope it is going to cool down a little for the weekend, I'm off to one of my bestest mate's weddings, and I only have rather unsuitable clothes. Wierdly enough, I have had a 4 weddings this year to attend, but there has been no overlap of friends, so I have been able to get away with the same outfit, but it is a bit hot, and every wedding has been on days of extreme heat.

Anyway the reason I am so verbose today is that I was sent home early. Can you imagine?!?! There was a power cut at the new company (haven't thought of a cunning name for it yet, but will do shortly) and they sent us home. Bit of a change from the old empire, eh! Other noticable differences include having to go through a right old rigmarole when I stuck a needle in my finger the other day. I probably did that a million times in the empire, but it is more frowned upon here! Mental note to take more care....

Things are going ok there, since you ask. Bit overwhelming, being expected to be all clever and knowledgable about chemistry, and unfortunately the old experiments haven't been going too well. I had to perform a quick switch when I first started too, as they put me in a job I didn't want to do, so I had to tell the boss which wasn't a great experience, but he was very nice about the whole thing and switched me over no questions asked.

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